Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wash Day Routine- Autumn 2015

So after a month of having a weave I have realised weave life really isn't for me right now, I miss combing and twisting my natural hair (never thought I would be saying that) so yes now my hair is back from hibernation expect hair posts every Thursday. After removing the weave my hair was incredibly dirty (it was so gross) so I thought what a perfect time to show you guys my wash day routine. If you have straight hair or not familiar with the natural/curly community, washing our hair literally takes a whole day, its a lot of time, effort, its really exhausting but its all worth it in the end (kinda like child birth..kidding).

In this walk through I will be going through each stage from washing to moisturising and styling giving you mini product reviews a long the way. So sit back cause this is going to be a long post. Just a disclaimer I do have two different textures in my hair, the front has much more of a stretched curl pattern (3C) to the rest of my hair (type 4), it has always been like that since birth I have no clue where it came from but hey there you go. Oh and also I am fully black of Jamaican decent (my grand parents), I don't know if that is of some relevance to my hair type but If you were curious there you go.

To wash my big fro I use Tresemme Salon Silk Shampoo and Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner. I have always loved using Tresemme, its always been an old reliable in my family and is the only 'mainstream' hair brand that I have found that works with my hair type. I love the Tresemme Salon Silk shampoo, it promotes my natural curls and takes away frizz, I also really like Tresemme's Keratin smooth range as my hair always feels super soft and moisturised. 

For my Deep Treatment I am using Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Caster Oil Treatment Masque. I really like using this product because it is quite heavy so it really coats every single strand, it leaves my hair feeling really fluffy, soft and healthy plus it smells SO GOOD, like brown sugar. I first really make sure to saturate my hair with this, then I section my hair making sure to twist each section then coil the twist into a bantu knot, I then either use a clear plastic sandwich bag or I wrap my hair with cling film and lastly put on a shower cap to keep the heat in. I leave this on for about 4-6 hours, because its so heavy it doesn't drip so you can do so many things within those hours without the constant annoyance. After leaving it on for a couple hours I wash it out with warm water to reveal soft fluffy hair.

To moisturise my hair I use two products, Shea Moistures Jamaican Black Caster Oil Leave in Conditioner and Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I know the Curl enhancing Smoothie isn't originally for moisture but it leaves my hair so soft and manageable and works really well on a day to day basis as it doesn't revert my hair after keeping it stretched. I use the Leave in Conditioner only after washing as it gives my hair moisturiser however in the process it does cause my hair to revert and shrink so to prevent that I put my hair in Bantu Knots and leave it to air dry. 

As my hair has two different hair types (3C in the front and Type 4 in the middle and back) in order for them to look the same length I have to stretch my hair. If you don't know what stretching it, it is basically a way of me getting rid of some shrinkage without using heat. To do this I section my hair, comb it through and apply Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus Infused Shea Butter, I then brush that through to get a even coverage and then twist my hair (I flat twist the thicker sections). I leave that over night or until I plan on styling it to go outside. I do this during the week as well to keep my hair moisturised and maintained.

Recently I have been loving frizz, before my weave used to make sure my hair was all perfectly curly, constantly doing styled twist outs, no frizz to be seen but now I have just been loving that 'typical afro' (rolls eyes) look. So styling has been pretty simple all I have been doing is just using my stretched hair in different looks. Another thing I have been loving of late is half up half down styles, as my hair is at quite an awkward length this allows me the enjoyment or having my hair out. 2 of the looks I have done this week have been:

And that is my WHOLE routine, I know its a long one but I hope it has been helpful. As you can tell I really love the brand Shea Moisture, they have come up in my other hair posts in the past and now they have basically saturated this one haha. Shea Moisture is an American brand so it is usually quite hard to find in the UK HOWEVER Shea Moisture is coming to Boots in October (screams) I know I know very exciting, no longer will I have to track down there products I can just pop to Boots, the struggle has indeed ended. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

AA Skincare Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion

After being at college for 3 weeks I have started to get back into an organised state so I have made a whole new blogging schedule that I think you guys will enjoy:

  • Stunning Saturdays will be for beauty tips, tricks and looks
  • Talkative Tuesdays will be for reviews and other talky type posts
  • Tress Thursday (still working on that alliteration) will be for all my hair related posts 
I hope you like my new schedule if there is anything you would like to see more of on my blog just let me know in the comments and I shall find a way to add that in :) Now on to the review.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will be quite familiar with AA Skincare , I am in love with the face products I have tried so far to the point where I have finished their Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel . As you may know I have had a hard time finding moisturisers for my oily skin as the ones I have tried just seem to sit on top of my skin or cause my face to over oil so I am eager to see if their Lavender and Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion is THE one.

AA Skincare Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion* is said to be a light, easily absorbed lotion that helps tone and restore the skin, ideal for spot prone and blemished skin (ME). This lotion contains natural ingredients such as Lavender essential oil to help sooth, calm and balance the skin, Tea Tree essential oil which is to clear, refresh and is known to be great for oily skin and Rosehip Oil which contains Vitamin E that good for locking in moisture and keeping skin soft. It says its good for all skin types but I think its going to be especially great for oily and problematic skin because of that Tea Tree addition.


As you can expect from AA Skincare it has great sturdy packaging and the smell has that natural lavender smell you would expect. When trying it on my hand it became evident that a little really does go a long way, it sinks in quite quickly to reveal really nice soft skin.


I really like this moisturiser, when I tried it on my face it didn't just sit on top of the skin it was really light and sank in quite quickly and instead of leaving my face feeling greasy it left it mosturised and didn't cause my face to excessively oil, I did get a little some oil around the center of my nose but that was due to my glasses rather than the product itself. The moisture lasted the WHOLE DAY I know I was just as surprised as you guys, I haven't found a moisturiser that has done that so this is now my new staple. When applying the cream I  really notice a calming affect on my skin, it was quite relaxing. If you like really light simple moisturisers that just does the job it was made to do with no fuss than this is perfect for you.

I hope you liked this review, if you do want to purchase AA Skincare Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion it is £6.96 for 100ml on their website which is a pretty good price however AA Skincare are being amazing and giving you guys 20% off this moisturiser if you type in the code BLOG20! Have you tried this mosturiser?

*This product was provided for an honest review please read my disclaimer for further details 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Theatrical Month: Broken Doll

This is the final Theatrical Month look for this year! Don't get too disheartened as next week we will be starting Horror Month which I am extremely excited for, get ready for a whole lot of blood and special effects cause that is what you will be seeing every week through out October. After Horror Month that will be it for all the theatrics until next year so I shall be returning to all my normal fotd's and other beauty tips and tutorials in November (I know I am super organised all of a sudden haha).


I first did the exact same makeup from my Barbie look as a doll base. For the cracks I used a white pencil liner to sketch out the cracks and then went over them in black pen liner and filled it in with gel liner. I then added some white shading on the edges of the cracks (I should have blended them a bit more). Elements you need to consider if you want to look like a Broken Doll are the cracks and long lashes (I could have used false lashes to make them even bolder)

Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Black Pen Liner: Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner (Black)
Lipstick: MAC Lipstick (Twig)
Brown Shadow in crease+ Faux FrecklesSleek Eye Shadow Palette I Divine (Ultra Mattes V2)
Blush: Chantecaille Blush (Thrill)
Brows: Sleek Brow Kit (Dark 818)
Shimmer Eyeshadow on lid : Urban Decay Naked Palette (Half Baked+ Chopper)
White LinerNYX Slim Eye Liner Pencil (White Pearl)

This isn't my favourite look I have done, I still see room to improve with it to make it more 3D and show a lot more depth in the cracks but my mind wasn't in my usual makeup zone and it definitely shows. I think my favourite look I have created for Theatrical Month has to be Minnie Mouse, it was just so cute and judging by your feedback you guys seem to agree :) I hope you have enjoyed Theatrical Month here is a list of all the posts just in case you have missed one.

(Top from left to right: Barbie, Minnie Mouse
(Bottom from left to right: Siren, Broken Doll)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Kleem Organics Jeunesse Vitamin C Serum

Ooh would you look at that two posts on a weekday how exciting. Yeah as I posted my Little Ondine Review early I have decided to pop out another one to make this weeks schedule spacing more even (yeah I'm weird like that). A couple weeks ago I met Kleem Organics at Blogger Fashion Week and they spoke to me about their Kleem Organics Jeunuesse Vitamin C Serum*. When they rubbed a bit into my hand I knew I had to review this product on my blog, my hand went from feeling kinda meh to extremely soft and smooth so I was really excited to see how it would do on my face.

Kleem Organics is a skin care company who's main focus is 'to bring out the beauty that lies within'. Unlike most skincare products available nowadays Kleem was founded and developed by actual doctors. Dr Sorato studied Biotechnology and Dr Meli studied Physiotherapy, what I like about Kleem is that their products are made to help the skin on a cellular level so unlike some products that sit on top, this penetrates the skin giving you better and longer lasting results. Kleem Organics Jeunesse Vitamin C Serum contains a high percentage of active ingredients including Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid plus its natural and organic formula makes it suitable for sensitive skin, protects you against UV radiation and helps to rejuvenate your skin. The Vitamin C Serum is said to be a anti-aging serum however it is also great for oily and acne-prone skin because its formula controls oil production and the Aloe Vera it contains has natural anti-bacterial properties keeping the skin more sterile. Other natural ingredients it includes are Witch Hazel and Jojoba Oil.


I really like the look of the product, it has a sturdy pump that lets out just enough product. There is a little gap at the sides which lets you see the amount of product that is in there (don't know if that was intentional but I love it when a product does that). Side note: I have been using this for a couple now and it still hasn't moved down so it is going to last you a long while. The product itself has a light weight clear formula that instantly sinks into your skin, it has a slight orange tinge to it and smells a little citrusy however its not a overbearing smell.


This product is really great, I have really oily skin as you all know and I haven't felt oily when using this product, my face feels soft and smooth like a baby's butt (I'm not even kidding haha). I put this on after washing and toning my face and I have felt a huge difference in my normal morning routine, my mum even noticed a difference in my skin and said that my face was glowing (I thought that was just a myth). When I went to use it the next morning I couldn't find my serum anywhere and then I realised my mum had stolen it haha. As I said before even though this product can be used for multiple different things it originally was made to be an anti-aging product and my mum has said that her face seems so much smoother after using it and would definitely purchase it if it ever ran out.

Overall I love this product, I will definitely get it again if ever runs out, it is so soft and gentle but makes a massive impact on the way my skin looks. There is no surprise that this has done extremely well in the US and will be coming to Europe soon so if you would like to be updated on when it comes available follow them on their twitter and to find out more about this wonderful product you can find it on their website (click here).

*This product was provided for an honest review please read my disclaimer for further details 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Little Ondine Review

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to Bloggers Fashion Week, it was an amazing event and I met so many great bloggers and brands. One of the brands I fell in love with was Little Ondine, they are a nail polish company who specialise in making odour free, peelable nail polishes. I really loved the whole concept from the moment they told me so Little Ondine sent me their nail polishies Sweet Lacquer* and Silence*. I just had try it out and see if their products are as amazing as they sound.

Little Ondine as I said before specialise in odour free, peelable nail polishes that contain natural ingredients and is free from any harmful chemicals. The formula is made with water and natural resin which forms a colour layer on the nail. The nail vanishes are said to require about 2-3 coats making sure that you clean up any edges before it dries, this is so it won't peel as easily. The peelable element is really what intrigued me, I have always liked the idea of speeding up the removal time however I have always thought that if it is peelable won't it just peel off during the day? To combat my multitude of questions I just went on ahead and tried it to see what its all about.

(left to right): Sweet Liquor, Silence

The instructions say to wash and thoroughly dry your nails to make sure you get rid of all the excess oils and dust that might be lingering on the nail to increase the longevity of the nail polish, you can use soap and water or an alcohol pad. I used an alcohol pad because it dries much quicker and I like my nail vanish process to be as quick as possible. After that I applied 2 coats of Sweet Lacquer waiting about 2-3 minutes between each coat for the nail polish to completely dry (I do this with all my nail polishes). This process was super quick, it took me about 15 minutes from cleaning the nail to applying my nail vanish and waiting for my nails to completely dry to a point where I  could do anything with my nails and it wouldn't smudge.

The drying time was so quick I was so shocked with how quick it was, it took 3-5 minutes for my nail vanish to become completely bone dry. Sweet Liquor was so shiny I couldn't even tell if it was still wet or not, the colour is such a beautiful stone colour which I have been loving as part of my muted/nude nail polish collection which I will be sharing in early November so look forward to that.


One thing I really really liked about this nail polish is the application brush, it is very thick and wide and reminds me of the brushes to find in Essence's nail polishes (another nail brand I love), the reason I like them so much is that you can do one sweep on the nail and you get a solid coat all over which again cuts down on so much time. This lasted me a good 2 days before it peeled off, for those of you who want really long lasting nail vanish this is not for you but if you're like me and have always wanted to go for a different colour everyday to switch up your look but cannot be bothered to wait so long with the removal process or the nail application process then this is PERFECT. It is now my life's mission to buy as many colours as I can so that I can be in a position where I could switch to a different colour everyday and because it is so quick, easy and odourless I feel like I would be in a position to even do it on the train.

Little Ondine also kindly sent me their matte top coat Silence* as well which I actually squealed at when I got it, I have wanted a good matte top coat for so long because I love the way they look especially in the Autumn/Winter months. Silence is peelable like the rest of Little Ondine's nail polishes and can be used on top of other nail polish brands as well (however it won't make them peelable). Silence dries within 3 minutes, as soon as your nail looks completely matte it generally means its good to go. Silence retails currently at £7.12 and Sweet Liquor  retails at £8.40.

So yes I am really looking forward to increasing my Little Ondine nail polish collection, if you are also intrigued and would like try them out for yourself you can find them on their website (look at their collections they are so cool)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Theatrical Month: Siren (Part 1)

Sirens are one of my favourite mythical creatures, they are basically beautiful mermaids who sing to draw sailors near so that they can kill them and take down their ship. Ever since hearing about them as a young child when reading Grimm's Fairy Tales (an amazing book) I have always liked the concept and I thought I would show you the pretty 'before' image of what I imagine a sailor may see and in Horror Month I will show you a part 2 for when they look all deadly.


I started off sketching the shape of the scales with a white eyeliner then filled them in with a purple cream eyeshadow and added a blue cream eyeshadow the certain areas to act as a highlight. I then went on top of the scales with a shimmery purple eyeshadow to  add to the shine of the scales.
For the base I contoured my face with purple eyeshadow, added a iridescent blue eyeshadow for my highlighter then lastly put some white dots on to act as pearls (I didn't have a liquid white liner so I had to use the end of a white mascara primer that is why it looks a little rough).
I used the same technique I used in my Barbie look to create this purple cut crease and for the lips I used a matte purple liquid lipstick, waited for that to dry and then used darker purple shadows to shade and create this two tone lip colour.
Elements you need to consider if you want to look like a Mermaid/ Siren are the scales, coloured contour and a good bit of shimmer/highlighter.

Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Purple Liner: Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner (Purple)
Lipstick: Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer (Depravity)
Purple Shadow in crease + lip shading + contourSleek Eye Shadow Palette I Divine (Ultra Mattes V2)
Highlight: MUA Eyeshadow Palette (Blue Suede)
Cream Eyeshadow on Scales: Beauty UK Eye Shadow Collection (Soho) + Vaseline (see tutorial)
Shimmer Eyeshadow on lid : Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Bootycall)

I hope you liked this siren look I can't wait to show you part 2 in a couple of weeks.

Question of the day:
What theatrical look would you like to see next?

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Yungskin Review

It is getting quite cold, wet and wintery in England even though Autumn hasn't even started. As the weather gets colder my skin quickly turns from fairly normal to dry and crusty which sucks so I always have to make sure that I moisturise everyday, even make sure I have some sort of cream to take with me just in case I end up turning into dust. Yungskin have kindly sent me a variety of creams, and what better time to test their moisture then on my wintery skin.

Yungskin is the worlds first skincare product based on principles of Homeopathy and Acupuncture (don't worry no pricks or needles are involved haha). Yungskin apparently stimulates the Acupuncture points of the skin traditionally used for face lifting, their products are typically known for their anti aging properties, rejuvenating and regenerating skin cells, reducing appearance of blemishes and also improving skin tone. I know this may seem pretty daunting but its okay because Yungskin uses organic and natural ingredients so no harsh chemicals are being used on your skin. 


Yungskin Face Cream comes in two variations; rich and light. Light is a great simple day moisturiser,  it leaves your skin feeling hydrated which is great. If you have normal, combination the Light would be really good as it feels fairly neutral, if you have oily skin like me you can get away with it in winter climates but if its warm or hot you may start to produce oils. Rich is another good simple moisturiser but its a little heavier that light in terms of it containing more essential oils and is said to be used a night time moisturiser. If you had mature, combination or dry skin the Night would work well and those with dry skin could even get away with wearing it during the day. The images below are of the samples I was sent, you see the proper packaging on their website.


Yungskin Foot Balm is much lighter than I was expecting, I was expecting it to be quite thick like Burts Bees which I didn't like so I was very glad that it was a nice creamy consistency. The cream itself is quite good as I briefly said before I have tried foot creams and balms that have just sat on top of the skin and just made my foot feel really gross but this absorbed very quickly into the skin, my foot feels hydrated and the tops of my feet even feels soft when using it. I would definantely get this again once I have finished this tub, my mum also loves using it.


So the packaging of this hand cream is really pleasing me right now; it is a good enough size that it can be carried around in your handbag, it is really sturdy so it wont spill cream in said handbag and it has a pump so you wont get any crusty hand cream on the sides. So it is basically ticking all the boxes of anyone's hand cream packaging needs. The cream itself feels like your standard hand cream, if you like the brand Simple you will like this. It smells really nice and citrusy, this works perfect as a handy travel hand cream for moisture top ups more than having as a main hand cream.

Overall Yungskin reminds me a lot of the brand Simple because it feels like it's not doing any fancy business (even though the acupuncture points may beg to differ). All of the Yungskin creams I have tried absorb really quickly into the skin and they feel like one of those creams that you can just slap on in the morning and go about your day not having to worry about it which is great if your working or are going to school/college/uni/what ever student thing you do. If you wish to purchase the items listed, look more into the products or even just check out the brand go on to the Yungskin website and you will be able to do all of those great things.

*This product was provided for an honest review please read my disclaimer for further details