Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dark Fall

Autumn is quickly approaching (where did the time go) so in comes the comfy over sized tops and jumpers, cozy scarfs and of course darker/ muted lip colours. I love Autumn for these very reasons so I thought I would give you a look perfect for this great time of year.

Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Black Liner: Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner (Black)
Lip Liner: MUA Intense Colour lip liner (Berry Wine)
Lipstick: MAC Lipstick (MEDIA)
Dark Green hue in creaseSleek Eye Shadow Palette I Divine (Ultra Mattes V2)
Contour: Sleek Contour Kit (medium)

I hope you enjoyed this look, if you feel this is too dark or gothic you could wear a nice cream top to balance out the colours.

Question of the day:
What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

Monday, 24 August 2015

First Weave Experience

As you have probably been able to tell in my posts over this month my hair has in fact changed, I wanted to wait until I have had the weave in for a month to give you guys a proper review/quick Q&A. 

I got a weave simply for a change in hairstyle. I liked the idea of a weave because I get bored of hairstyles very quickly so I could have what ever hair I can imagine then when I'm bored change it or go back to my natural hair. I have gotten a lot of comments saying why don't you love your natural hair or why do you want to have this hair when you have perfectly good hair naturally... I swear I was so close to punching these people in the face haha to answer those questions I do love my natural hair, I just wanted a change of hairstyle and the fact that I decided not to use heat or chemicals to achieve it shows how much I love it.


I got VIP Beauty's Brazilian Wet and Wavy virgin hair, this is human hair that hasn't been processed. I ordered the 14/16/18 with a 12 inch lace closure however I only ended up using the 16&18 inch hair with the 12 inch closure because my head only need two packs. The shipping was good and when the hair came it felt so soft, I loved the waves, everything was great and in order. I got it installed with no leave outs and after about a week it started cause some problems. This hair sheds a lot, it gets easily tangled and it feels kinda dry and frizzes a bit. I have to brush through all the tangles in the morning and at night and I have to use some coconut oil and Emu oil leave in conditioner to give it some life. Having a weave normally shouldn't be this much work.

Despite the quality of the hair I feel I have had an okay weave experience, the hair doesn't feel like a wig, it feels like is actually my own hair which is good. I also like knowing I look slightly closer to my actual age with this hair haha but I do miss my natural hair, my mum just bought a new curling cream that I have been dying to try. I don't regret having a weave by any means I really do like the different look it has given me.



Probably, I never like to say I will never do something because chances are I will but for now I want to stick to my natural hair, I miss looking after it. 

Hope you liked this post, if you have any questions that you feel I haven't answered do ask in the comments and I will answer.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Full on Glitz

As recently with summer I have been posting simple looks using minimal makeup I wanted to just go full out ad give you this big Hollywood glitz look. I'm not going to lie to you and say that I wore a onesie to balance out the drama or what ever I am just going to come out and say I am sorry I was tired and I couldn't be bothered to throw on a different top haha.

Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Black Gel Liner: Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner (Black)
Lipstick: MUA Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer (Reckless)
Dark Green Eyeshadow in outer cornerSleek Eye Shadow Palette I Divine (Ultra Mattes V2)
Silvery Shimmer Eyeshadow on lid : Urban Decay Naked Palette (Bootycall)
Highlighter: Sleek Contour Kit (medium)

I wanted to do a special look today because I have just reached 100 followers on Bloglovin, I know that's not really a lot but to know people like my stuff enough to want to stay updated means a lot so a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my followers, you guys are the best.
Now I know people are interested in my work I want to take my blog to the next level and finally change my layout, make it look more professional and more me :) Thank you for following my blogging journey and I hope you will continue to watch me grow.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Growing Up

Yesterday 18 years ago my mother was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of giving birth to moi hehe (she probably thought differently when she was pushing me out lol)
As I am officially an adult even though I still look like a fetus and have the mental age of a 6 year old, I thought it would be a cool idea to look back at some photos from my childhood, I hope you enjoy.

 So this is my mum and dad, yes they are my real parents, yes I am fully black, yes I am pale af haha. I have no clue why I am much paler then my parents, if I didn't look so much like them I would have rang some alarm bells haha.

This was me at like 1 or 2 with my fluffy hightop. My mum did pierce my ears when I was a baby and through out my life I thought it was the normal thing until a teacher started complaining about the fact that some mothers choose to pierce there babies ears. I personally think it looks really adorable plus most people get it done eventually and I would do the same for my daughter. Did I cry? No, apparently I just gave the women doing it the dirtiest look haha.

I was like 1 in this picture and my mum thought it would be funny to tie balloons to my head and watch me practically chase my tail trying to get the balloons haha now I know where I get my sense of humour from.

 Here I am around 2 or 3 over my Nans house, I still remember that massive white tiger because I loved it so much, I think I may have thought it was real and treated it like was my own pet haha

That Cinderella mouse toy and my barbie sunglasses never left my side when I was a kid. I look like such a diva.

I was 6 when my brother Kairo was born and I just looked at him thinking he was the cutest thing ever (no clue what happened to him) I even bought his first top which he is wearing in the photo, it had 'I am VIP' written across the front.

That is my Uncle taking me on my first motorcycle, I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I was so sad when he eventually had to get rid of it.

 Aint no body messing with ma clique haha I actually loved that cowboy hat even though it did keep getting caught in my hair.

 Blogger since day 1, had my handbag and everything haha. I can't believe I pulled of white tights mum really knew her stuff

That is all I will share for this little flashback because I could go on for days but do tell me if you want to see more because I have so many good ones haha

Saturday, 1 August 2015

London Zoo

As I am turning 18 next week (oh my god no) my friends and I thought it would be cute to take a little day trip to London Zoo and re-live our childhood. Unfortunately there weren't any lions on show as they were refurbishing the exhibit however there were so many other cool animals. I don't have much to say about it other than the fact that I had a great time but boy was I tired after, there was so much walking but it was all well worth it.

I actually took this photo while the lemur was practically in front of me. This lemur enclosure was an immersive one so you were allowed inside to walk and see one up close, you weren't allowed to touch them of course but it was great for photography purposes and also being able to see them up close.

This Butterfly picture was taken in another immersive enclosure called Butterfly Paradise, it was humid in there to match their natural habitat but it was worth the frizz haha. There were such a range of butterfly colours and species, it was so pretty.


This was the only peacock I saw at the zoo, it looked so beautiful up close but its a shame it didn't open up is feathers. This was taken in one of their bird immersive enclosures.

Going to and from London Zoo we went through Regents Park, this is such a beautiful park I highly recommend going, there is this little garden path where there were lines of beautifully arranged flowers, statues and fountains and it definitely looked very regal and British. There were also tonnes of field area for a picnic so if you were going to eat before going to London Zoo this would be a cute way to do so.

I hope you liked this post, as you can see my day was catered towards seeing the animals and nothing much else, it was quite a tiring day but seeing every single animal was really cool, afterwards we had a little wander around Regents Park and went home so there wasn't much else to photograph, if you want to see more day trips do let me know.

Have you been to London Zoo?