Thursday, 30 April 2015

Curly Hair Routine + Products: Spring 2015

As you guys know if you read my Natural Hair Journey post I have been taking a lot of care with my natural hair, really experimenting with styles and products. Throughout my experimenting I have now found products that really make the most of my curls and make it easier to manage.

This picture was taken after being out for the whole day 

 My whole curl enhancing process starts with washing my hair, I was my hair every 1-2 weeks depending on how dirty it feels If you have straight hair or straighter curly/ wavy hair then you are probably thinking EW but this is a totally normal and necessary thing as it stops my hair from being dry and gives my natural oils a chance to look after my hair. In my wash process I like to apply shampoo to the scalp of my hair and scrub with my finger tips (not my nails) and then I comb out my hair with the product in, this stimulates curls. I like to do this with a shampoo that doesn't totally strip out my hair of its moisture because for curly girls moisture is EVERYTHING that's why I like to use Tresemme Salon Silk Shampoo, it minimises frizz and my hair still feels soft and clean after using it. It contains argon oil which probably is what helps to decrease the amount of frizz. I like to wash my hair in the shower as the water pressure helps to promote curls in my hair as well.

 After washing my hair even though I use a shampoo that doesn't completely strip my hair of moisture I still like my hair to be as soft as possible. Motions Naturally You Smoothing Conditioner is one of the best conditioners I have ever tried. I went through a point where my hair was consonantly feeling dry no matter what I put on it but as soon as I used this product my hair has felt so light, soft and fluffy it is crazy. This Motions conditioner contains Shea Butter which helps with moisture and smoothing out hair frizz, as well as coconut & avocado oils to again help with moisture. I apply this to the ends of my hair and work it up the hair close to the scalp but I never make my conditioner touch the scalp as that just adds to product build up and I just think my hair works best that way. I then comb through my hair with the product in to again enhance curls and also to detangle my hair so I don't have to comb it when I get out of the shower causing added frizz. I then apply Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque on top of this conditioner as they work amazing together, then I get out of the shower put a plastic cap over my hair to seal in the moisture and heat and let the conditioner sit for about an hour minimum then rinse it out. When I use those products separately they do my my hair feel soft but together they are amazing.

So after washing and shampooing my hair I wait for my wet to become damp by putting it in ponytail until my hair stops dripping then taking it out and just air drying it. Once my hair is damp I apply Motions Spray leave in conditioner, that helps to make my hair soft (you can kind of see a pattern here haha) I also use this when I am styling my hair on days when I'm not washing hair to get my hair sort of less than damp and soft so that I can style it. If I am going out that day I would just leave it like that and put it in a ponytail or bun or something like that however if I am dedicating that whole day to do my hair (which I normally do) I proceed like this... After spraying the leave in conditioner I section my hair into manageable sections. I then add Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus infused Shea Butter that I have previously whipped up with a fork, by whipping the shea butter it doesn't make you hair feel so weighed down and melts into your hair much easier. After applying that to the first manageable section I then twist my hair this helps with the shrinkage and loosening your curls. I do the same thing all over my head, if you feel like you have a tone of shrinkage or shorter hair I would consider flat twisting it ( I usually flat twist the front and middle of my hair and then individual twist the back). The next day I take it out to reveal curly hair that I can style however I want.

I whipped up the Shea butter using a fork and then put it back in the original pot.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, I love talking about this kind of stuff because I never thought my hair would be at a place where I would love it enough to share with others. I am planning on doing so much more hair styling and care posts especially nearing the summer time so look forward to that.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Monthly Shoutout #4

As you can tell by my the title I have changed this from being Weekly to Monthly and that is because I thought it would just saturate my whole blog and it gives people more time to get featured :) of course thank you to everyone that supports my blog it really means a lot.


So I will be splitting this in to 3 categories: Music, People and Blogs:
  • Music is my top 5 songs of the week 
  • People is basically dedicated to you guys who share or retweet my work on your social media, or even mention my blog with a link to it on one of their blog posts :) Initially I said I will pick 3 people but as I got a great response this week I have decided to bump it up to 5
  • Blogs are for the bloggers who follow me on Bloglovin. I will choose 3 blogs which I would like to be featured. The reason in which I will only choose 3 is because of the fact that I don't have enough followers at the minute to shout out 5 of you every week unfortunately :(
Now for the Shouting of the Outs


I have been listening to Rihanna's American Oxygen none stop since it came on VEVO I am not even American but I love the message that it conveys, it gets me so emotional and empowered.I think its great that such an influential artist is bringing light to what is going on in such a beautifully way. 

Rihanna: American Oxygen
Janelle Monae: Yoga
Clean Bandit: Come Over


These people are so amazing, I would like to thank each and everyone of them for sharing my work, retweeting it or even just mentioning it, really means a lot :)


These bloggers are honestly so good, I would only recommend the best for you guys and I am honestly so surprised that these guys haven't got millions of followers already. I am so grateful that they like my blog enough to follow me and I just had to follow these guys back, I hope you come to your senses and do the same :D... follow them that is.. well and me.. well if you want to hehe 

And that is it for the Shoutouts this week, if your name or blog wasn't mentioned then do not worry I probably wanted to put you in but I could only pick a certain number per month so I can actually do another one for another month haha so your name may be called next time :)

Thank you to all of you guys who read my blog, retweet or share my work, follow me, comment. You guys are awesome!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Everyones Favourite Oreo*

As some of you guys know I have a cat named Oreo, he has made some appearances in a couple of my OOTD's because he is such a little show off and loves to be in the spotlight haha. I thought that I would do this post to get you guys to get to know him a little bit more.

How Old Is He?
Oreo is 4 years old Tuxedo cat, we don't know the exact date he was born because we saved him from some abusive owners who was going to throw him out into the streets at just 3 months old :( but we took him in when he was 3 months old and loved him and looked after him ever since :)

What Is He Like?
Oreo is a very chill cat, he has such a lovely warm temperament and I love him to bits. He loves cuddles (he will literally come up to you and give you hugs and massages), when he is in one of his really cuddly moods he will lick you to pieces haha. He does love to play, he will play with anything with a string and he also loves the outdoors where he probably goes out on the town with his best friend (next door neighbors cat) they are actually so cute together, they play fight and chill in the garden or they just go away from the house for a bit. Oreo gets on with just about anyone because of his chill temperament, my dad is absolutely petrified of cats because of a traumatic childhood experience (its actually an hilarious story) but he is okay with Oreo around in the house however if he gets to close he does freak out a little haha but that's just down to his fear.

Whats His Favourite Food?
Oreo love his food, even if there is food in his bowl he will still moan for more haha. We feed him dry food because with wet food he tends to fart sometimes and it make his breath stink however on special occasions like Christmas or on his Birthday we do feed him wet food. His favourite flavour is chicken and we tend to experiment with a lot of different bands of food just to keep it interesting however a brand that he has been really liking as of late is IAMS. 
One thing I have found with shopping for pet food in Supermarkets is that there isn't that much variation in brands and the majority of the foods they bring out are basically like the equivalent of eating fast food. I have now mostly stopped buying pet food from supermarkets and have been using websites like to get it. What I like about is that it has so many options to really scale down you preferences to your pets needs like dietary requirements and health problems which is not what you would get when necessarily buying from a shop, they also do other products for lots of different animals and also things like toys, necessities and other stuff like dog kennels. has been kind enough to give Oreo some food to try out and I must say he has been especially loving his Dreamies Treats

How Do You Look After Him
Oreo isn't really high maintenance, I feed him 2-3 times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner (if someone isn't home at lunch time than we feed him at night if his bowl is empty, if his bowl is still like half full than we just leave it). We tend to let Oreo groom himself and brush his fur one every couple of weeks, if we see that he is looking a little grubby then we either use some cleansing wipes to wipe down his fur or if he is either extremely dirty or its been about 4-6 months since his last proper wash then we will get him in a basin and use some cat shampoo and wash him. I don't really like proper washing him because it makes me cry its so sad, he starts screaming like hes in genuine pain not even like high pitch screams its kind of low but it breaks my heart I have to let my mum do it then I brush his fur and get him dry with his towel afterwards :(. Honestly I get my mum to clean out the litter tray haha I have done it a couple of times but I tend to avoid it. His litter tray gets cleared out every 1 or 2 weeks.

And that is it, that is everything you could possibly want to know about Oreo. I would like to thank again for the food, if you have any other questions about Oreo that I didn't cover or were just curious about then do let me know and also if there is any posts in particular you want me to do next :)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Summer is Coming

So I have said in a couple of my posts that we have been having great weather here in the UK and you have probably heard that from any UK blogger because this is like major news to us cause we don't get weather like this for a full day, you could come out and it be hot then an hour later be covered in rain and freezing your butt off haha. I am really hoping this weather stays because I am slowly running out of cold weather outfits.

This was an outfit I wore a couple of days ago with my Golden Glow FOTD (face of the day). I was going for very relaxed and chill outfit mixed with a bit of bohemian style with the makeup and the head band. Its been a while since I have done a Trend Tuesday post so I hope you enjoy

Denim Jacket: H&M
Top: Monki
Shorts: Calvin Klein
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Shaboo (review)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

My MUA Lipstick Collection

If you have seen a lot of my posts you will know that I am obsessed with MUA products, their quality is so good and they are super affordable. As you also may know I love lipsticks my collection of lipsticks continue to grow on a weekly bases and I think I have actual problem haha. So I thought I would combine both of my loves to form the most exciting post of all time haha (well for me anyway).

As I said before MUA's quality is really good however as with most brands their lipstick formula does vary with colour, some are creamier than others, some have more of a wet consistency that needs a liner underneath. So I thought I would go through my collection and review each of the MUA lipsticks that I own and also let you see what they look like without lip liners so you can see the true pigmentation. MUA lipsticks cost only a mere £1 so it is very easy to just go into Superdrugs just to to look and then come out with 10 new lipsticks haha.

Shade 1 is a rich red colour that is perfect if you want that sophisticated look when going out. I love the colour, I love the creamy lipstick formula that it has, its just perfect. It lasts a long time but I always put a MUA lip liner underneath all of my the colourful lipsticks on my day to day just to make sure that it lasts all day through eating.

Shade 6 is a shimmery light pink colour with a creamy formula. I like to use this as a highlight in the center of my lips for my other light pink lipsticks just because I am not really a fan of shimmery/ sparkly all over lips but I do love the shine that it does give. 

Shade 10 is a glossy terracotta brown colour which has a wet constancy. I love this colour so much I have gone through 2 of these since last year as I used to wear it like everyday. This enhances your natural lip colour to make it more rich and amazing. You could use it on top of a lip liner if you want but I don't because it looks more natural that way which is what I like to go for with this colour however if you want it to be more of a rich reddy brown then put a brown lip liner underneath and will give you that statement colour. On its own it lasts me a couple hours before I need to re apply but that is due to that wet constancy.

Shade 11 is new to my lipstick family and I love it so much. It is a apricoty nude colour with a creamy consistency. I love wearing peachy/ pinky lip colours in the spring and summer as it looks so great with a tan. This lasts me about 4 hours before needing to re apply (with eating) and that is the same with all the creamy MUA lipsticks. Again you could put a lip liner underneath to give that 'I am wearing a lipstick' look haha but I just like to wear this on its own.

Shade 13 is a bright red with a creamy consistency.  This is my favourite red lipstick I own there is no flaws to this lipstick is goes on beautifully and easily, I have had no problems with it at all. As I said before with bold colours I like to wear lip liners with them on a day to day bases because it makes them last all day through eating and talking and I don't need to worry about it, I usually use MUA lip liners with them and they are just a £1 as well.

MUA has recently started naming their newly released lipsticks one of the colours they released is a black which I was so happy for as that was the time of the whole black lipstick craze. When I got home and tried it on it had a wet glossy consistency which I have had in the past their shade 10 which I was completely fine for that colour because it was a neutral colour  and I used it mainly to enhance my natural lip colour however with such a dark colour I feel like it needs that creamy consistency to give you confidence that it wont move easily. Raven is a glossy black so it does look really nice on top of a black lip liner if you were looking for that glossy black lip look but I just personally prefer my black lip to be matte. 


This is one of there newer lipsticks from there matte lipstick range (not matte lip lacquer) and I thought I would get one just to test out the formula, see if I like it but I really did not. It is not the same as their other creamy lipsticks in terms of consistency, it seemed to extenuate all of of my lips natural ridges, ended up looking very powdery which you can't really see in the pictures but it was just not working for me at all which is a shame because I love their original lipsticks but now I know do not buy their matte lipsticks just their matte lip lacquers.

And that is it, my whole MUA lipstick collection, all of my thoughts and feelings towards each one all in one place. The vast majority of their lipsticks have that creamy consistancy but as I said before with most brands their is always going to be certain colours with a better or worse formulation then others but at least with MUA if you don't like a formulation you have only lost out on a pound. 

I hope you liked this post, tell me any suggestions on what you want to see on my blog or what you want to me to continue doing in the comments and also tell me what is your favourite MUA lipstick?